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My passion for all things Florida began when my we moved to Clearwater from up North. I was 9 years old as we settled in a new golf community. Can you believe we had a pool, how cool was that.

On the week-ends it wasn't uncommon to see golf balls bounce down our street followed by a golfer looking for his my golf ball. This gave my brother and I a money making idea. We went in the golfing business collecting lost golf balls and selling them back to golfers.

We went into tall grass, deep rough and ponds looking for golf balls. Guess we were lucky we weren't eaten by alligators. Who knew, we were 9-10 at the time. 

Another thing you may find hard to believe, you could buy real sugar cane by the foot and it cost only a 5 cents.  Whoa was sweet, pun intended. It was super sweet.... 

My back yard was a creek (Our neighbor from time to time would walk the creek with a shotgun looking for Water Moroccan's).  Beyond the creek was a orange groves as far as you can see.

You were never hungry. When you were, you could picked a orange right off the tree. 

Another day in Paradise, What's not to love.

Now, 30 years later I  had a opportunity to live and work in Naples.  Been here ever since. 

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The SBI! 2.0 Video Tour Is Now FREE!

The SBI! 2.0 Video Tour Lights...camera...action! Take the SBI! Video Tour and see the sheer power of Solo Build It! When words aren't enough, let the Video do the talking. I've began my own website inSBI 2009 and Began making momey in 6 months. I'm made Ad placements with Google Adsense. Next is E-Book sales and Affiliate sales. .

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SBI is the only game in town. I know, I attended at least 3 seminaries with other companies that promised they could help people like me to build a good website. What I found was these companies are trying to hustle sales from people like me for $5,000.00 and more (you build the site). They start you out with a basic site for $30.00 (the Hook) which is basic with no chance for success. If you spend a additional $5,00.00 you chances improve..... most are scrams, SBI is not.

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It takes 6 months ( No HTML code / Site design knowledge is required) to 1 year learning as you go, building your passion and income producing site. Tell you the truth, I enjoy doing this so much that the monies will be nice but I love doing this.

I enjoy each and everyday living here. You too can enjoy Naples through my web pages http:/www.paradise-beaches.com/. Who knows, maybe you’ll take the plunge as I did or the next best thing and vacation here “A Tropical Paradise”.

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Summary of Results 

* 35% of SBI! sites ranked in the top 1% of all sites (i.e., higher than 99% of all sites on the Web). 
* 53% were in the top 2% 
* 62% scored in the top 3%. 

Each time this study is conducted, SBI! owners perform better and better. They rank higher against other sites despite the increased "competition" from far more Web sites. Today, the "Top 1%" requires a ranking of better than 1,000,000. A greater percentage than ever of SBI! sites make it into the Top 1%.

As the years go by, as the Web becomes more and more competitive, as the number of sites grows (now over 100 million!), the natural and powerful process-and-tools of SBI! gets stronger.

"Naples Florida, A Tropical Paradise"
Travel guide for Naples & Southwest Florida - Come visit Naples, Florida, -- nestled on the sun drenched beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. Naples is known for world class shopping, dining, awesome fishing and the "Golf Capital of the World" 

Spread the word, there is a “Tropical Paradise” here in the safety and convenience 
of the United States.

Even with the enjoyment of providing you our visitor with information about Southwest Florida, it still would not be complete without learning from our visitors.

Whether you want to comment on our website or offer information about Naples that would be of interest to other visitors, please tell us about a trip or places you recently visited.


Bill Stavros
Naples, Florida 2017

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