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Help Available To The “Baby Boomer Generation”

Changing demographics and an aging population will create the first generation of employees expected to spend more years responsible for the care of aging parents than their own children.

According to a report by HR consultants, this generation – dubbed the “Baby Boomers Generation” – comprise of people who are squeezed between caring for their young children and between caring for their young children and elderly parents.

Many families are busy or live far away and just aren’t as available for their parents as they would like.

Family members may work full time, have small children, or live elsewhere. They are bombarded with the demands of their own lives.

The stress of the “Baby Boomers Generationn” is real. Coming to terms with aging parents is difficult. We can be there to help.

The senior market needs a reliable source of transportation and care. iConcierge Senior Services offers escorted transportation, personal shopping, errands, house sitting, pick-ups, deliveries and travel assistance to name a few.

Seniors need someone they can call who is dependable and honest. iConcierge Senior Services is a simple phone call away, and will quickly respond to the needs of senior citizens, and the “Baby Boomers Generation,” giving them the opportunity to take back their life.