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May through September many nesting sea turtles travel to Florida's Coast to feed and nest, or lay eggs.
Click here for more Facts About Sea Turtles.

 The Beaches of Southwest Florida, by YouTube - Videos connecting  people to people. " Beaches of SW Florida," by YouTube - Videos connecting people to people.

I know that Clam Pass is difficult to find because it looks like you are going to the Naples Grande and not Clam Pass. Stay with it. When you pull your car up to one of those Guard Shack's ahead, the Naples Grande Hotel will be on the right. You are in the right spot but it doesn't look that way.
map Naples Grande Hotel

Clam Pass Boardwalk

If you're a Collier County resident with a current beach sticker you are all set, if not have $8.00 ready for that darn machine at the guard shack.

Pull down as close to the Beach Tram Stop and you're good. If you have a canoe or kayak there is a launch point straight ahead near the Tram stop.

Clam Pass Park is another jewel in Naples crown, and another park that preserves a great portion of beach and mangrove for future generations. The beach is good enough to want to throw a beach blanket down and not move for days, but there is much more to the park than that.

Clam Pass

Clam Pass unspoiled Beach has one of the Best Water Sports Among Beach Resorts
Naples Grande Resort Hotel - Waldof Astoria Hotels & Resorts at Clam Pass.

Clam Pass beach

Sink your feet into the powdery sand, while gazing out at the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Kayak off shore and gaze back at the tropical evergreens sprouting from the fertile grounds of the tidal coast.

Anchor your sailboat off the platinum beach and spend all day basking in the sun at our exquisite Florida beach resort.

Take out an Aqua bike and watch a fiery sunset along our unspoiled shores and lush green flora.

Partake in one of the many water sports available at this eco-friendly Naples beach hotel.

Clam Pass Park is located in the North Naples area, one of the most populated sections of Collier County. Clam Pass beach The park is also one of the most popular beach access points much like Vanderbilt Beach and boasts 35 acres of coastal habitat and preserves that providing beach access from a three-quarter-mile boardwalk to the sandy beach.

The boardwalk runs through a mangrove forest of salt-tolerant red, white and black mangroves. It also has a tidal bay area that acts as a breeding ground and nusery for marine life, wildlife, specifically many species of birds such as wading shorebirds, eagles, hawks and osprey.

I suggest taking the boardwalk to the beach and enjoy the mangrove forest and beautiful, lush vegetation as you stroll along.

For those who don’t want to walk there is an electric tram every few minutes which will take you there free of charge.

If the thought of carrying beach furniture and bags of supplies to the beach doesn’t appeal, you’ll be pleased to know there are a bunch of concessions at the end of the train ride. There are the usual food, drink and equipment rental and a grill/restaurant/cocktail bar. None of it is particularly cheap, but offer a decent quality experience for when lying on your beach towel gets a bit much.

I love how you reach the beach — it feels like the start of an adventure.

You can walk or take a free tram from the parking lot down a three-quarters-mile long boardwalk through a mangrove forest. From the shady mangrove tunnel, you emerge on a sunny day to a beach with sand that is blindingly white and water impossibly turquoise. But that’s not the only thing we love about Clam Pass Park.

I live five minutes from Fort Lauderdale beach, but I think Clam Pass Park is so special I have driven across the state for a day at this Gulf coast beach.CLAM PASS

Ride the Tide The pass itself is a narrow river-like opening in the mangroves, shallow enough an adult can stand at the center except at the highest tide. If you hop into the waters of the pass, you are gently swept away by the tide. If the tide is coming in, you float into a shallow mangrove-fringed lagoon. If the tide is going out, you float out into the Gulf, which remains shallow for a great distance. It’s a natural "lazy river" adventure, where the pull and depth of the water is safe but still fun.

Southwest Florida ( Stingray Season ) Shuffle......

Southwest Florida Shuffle

  • From the First of May until the end of October every year is Stingray season on the beaches of Southwest Florida. 
  • The first thing most locals will tell you is to "Shuffle" your feet as you walk in the surf.
  • By shuffling your feet, you will scare off any stingrays before you have a chance to step on them.
  • It doesn't matter how big or small they are, if you step on them they will nail you with the barb in their tail out of defense.

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