"Cracker "
The Florida Cowboy

The term stems from the early days when Florida cowboy,  in lieu of the rope, welded a bullwhip,  and when snapped over a cow's head, made a sharp"crack", Thus born the term "cracker"













Florida Cracker Cowboys " A land Remembered" Part 2 , Trail Drive... Koreshan State Historic Site., Fl.iTobias must drive his cattle across Florida. Many dangers await him as he travels across the wilderness. "A Land Remembered" is a must read by Parick D. Smith. It is so compelling because it takes the reader into the heart of the beginnings of Florida

Florida Cracker Cowboys Cast Iron Cooking with Stan and Vin,, Koreshan State Historic Site., Fl.A cracker cowboy kitchen camp set up at Koreshan State Historic Site Stan and Vin introduces us to the way of life of the Cracker Cowboys in story and how to cook in cast iron cooking, making , bread, beans, mango crisp and more.Florida was where the West began. It was here four centuries ago that Spanish settlers founded the first ranches in the future United States and introduced

By the last year of the war(1865), the armies of the confederacy were virtually starving, as well as the citizens of the South.

Food was extremely scarce and where Union troops had moved through an area, they commandeered the food supplies of the Southerners leaving them with little to substain themselves.

The contrast between the federal and Rebel soldier was also startling. But there was food to be had for the South.

Unfortunately, it was in Florida where beef, pork and other commodities were available but shipments to the starving south were difficult.

The Union had pretty much blockaded every Southern port, so delivery by water was virtually nil.

That left only one route--overland, through Florida scrub, palmetto, and swampland.

First of all let's definite the term, "cracker" It has, when referred to native Floridians, as having a somewhat negative meaning.

Florida Cracker refers to...

Florida Cracker refers to original colonial era American pioneer settlers of the state of Florida, and their descendants.

The first Florida Crackers arrived in 1763 when Spain traded Florida to Great Britain.

The Florida "cowhunter" or "cracker cowboy" of the 19th and early 20th centuries was distinct from the Spanish vaquero and the Western cowboy.

Florida cowboys did not use lassos to herd or capture cattle. Their primary tools were bullwhips and dogs. Florida cattle and horses were small.

The "cracker cow", also known as the "native cow", or "scrub cow" averaged about 600 pounds, had large horns and large feet.

Thus was born the term "cracker"

The term stems from the early days when Florida cowboy cow cavalrymen, in lieu of the rope used by Texas cowboys, welded a bullwhip, 10 - 12 feet long made of braided leather, and when snapped over a cow's head, made a sharp"crack".

Florida Cracker Cowboys " A land Remembered" Part 2 , Trail Drive... Koreshan State Historic Site., Fl.Of all states Florida was the first to have the American cowboy, and for the first time ever in a feature-length documentary, "Florida Crackers: the Cattlemen and Cowboys of Florida" has captured the story of these real-life modern cowboys: their history, their culture, and the uncertain future they face as they strive to preserve their way of life in a fast-paced modern world.

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