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Finding the right golf teacher best suited to your learning style is as important as the information you are recieving. For example if you learn best through pictures having a teacher who uses golf swing video analysis will be very important towards your progress.

A good golf instructor will be able to position you with the golf club so you can truly understand how your swing should work. He or she will be able to analyze your swing and make a proper diagnosis of any existing problems.

Are Golf Lessons Worth The Price?

Golf lessons are not mandatory although to consider taking a few lessons early on in your learning experience is a wise investment as your skill level will increase at a rapid pace.

Other benefits of taking lessons for golfers include:

1. Asking questions about golf to someone who knows the game.

2. Your self-confidence will increase.

3. You will learn techniques and efficient practices which would normally take months or years to learn on your own.

Even The Pros Take Lessons

To give you an idea of popular players that still brush up on their game with professional coaches, here is a small list to get you motivated:

1. David Leadbetter is a golf teacher who worked with Charles Howell III, Ernie Els, Nick Price, and Nick Faldo.

2. Butch Harmon is an instructor who worked with Tiger Woods, Greg Norman, and Justin Leonard.

3. Hank Haney specializes in swing plane and worked with Mark O'Meara and now works with Tiger Woods

Motivated to take lessons? Here is a look at the three choices of golf lessons in the market place.

1. Supervised practice:

Pill pushing, this type of lesson involves the instructor standing in front of you and pushing balls over whilst offering you tips. The problem with this form of instruction is analysis is based on looking at your swing in full speed.

2. Coaching:

Normally working in a pro shop or running some form of retail outlet the instructor does some part time coaching and hence this type of lesson is normally all motivational, a you can do it , keep doing that ect...once again this lesson does not include video analysis.

3. Teaching:

The best instruction you can take for your golf game is to find someone who is a fulltime golf teacher.

Teaching golf involves capturing your swing in motion on video because it allows the teacher a system to offer more accurate analysis. Golf swing video instruction is certainly not new. Yet it is amazing how many golfers have never seen their swing on video and how many golf teachers do not use this technology.

Other key points to getting the most from your golf lesson

Bring your listening skills:

The advice to 'listen up' may appear to be common sense, regardless of any class or lesson you may take, it is considered to be the most important part of participating in a student-teacher atmosphere.

Do not be afraid to ask questions:

Listening is paramount to absorb all of the golf instructions your teacher is giving you but speaking up and asking questions is equally important.

Even if you studied up on the subject of golf and its many components, your golf instructor may express an entirely different way of describing certain aspects of the swing, along with many other details. This information may not seem familiar to you, so don't worry about asking sill questions.

Remember the old saying: “The only stupid question is the one you don't ask”

Anytime you are confused about any aspect of what your instructor is teaching you, speak up and do not worry about whether or not the information was already been discussed. The instructor will not think less of you at all. In fact, he or she will more likely appreciate the fact you are paying attention and showing a genuine interest in everything being taught.

Practice in between your lessons:

Once you take the opportunity to sign up for multiple golf lessons, by all means practice whatever material your instructor asked you to work with until the next lesson date. Most teachers will give you homework and ask you to go over a few drills in between your sessions.

The importance of practicing in between your classes is paramount to making as vast an improvement as possible. Your next lesson will be more productive and your golf teacher will recognize you are making the effort needed to improve.

Also the best way to know if your teacher is really any good or not, is by practicing. If you are putting in 100 percent effort, yet are not getting results chances are you teacher is not correct.

In this case it may be time to look for a new teacher.

If however you never practice , you can never discover this because you will always presume it is your fault.

Ben Hogan once said to a young player attempting to garner a thought from him on how to become a champion golfer, "Son, do you own a practice bag?"

"Yes sir," was the young player's reply.

"Use it!" was Hogan's advice.

Remember most golf instructors get into this business because they like to help people and help them succeed. If you are unwilling to take advantage of these classes, it's best not to waste your time, the instructor's time, and your money.

It's okay to slow down the pace:

Just as important as it is to speak up and ask questions, the same holds true for voicing out if you feel the information is going too fast for you.

If there are too many items being taught on your instructor's list which you cannot process at once, bring the issue up.

It's best to focus on just one item at a time instead of being overwhelmed and going home confused about what you were supposed to learn. And if the instructor is not flexible to your needs, find a new teacher.


Why do people involved in other motor disciplines such as playing a musical instrument expect to improve only if they apply the axiom of effort and reward, while golfer's look for instant results.

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