Hotel Pet Friendly Tips

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  1. The majority of US and Canada hotels, motels, and resorts do not allow guests to have pets of any sort in their rooms.
  2. A pet friendly hotel is a hotel that does allow guests to have a dog, cat, or othersmall animal in their rooms.
  3. Some pet friendly hotels do not charge extra for pets. But many charge either a per stayor per night pet fee. These fees are usually non-refundable
  4. deposit,on the other hand, will usually be refunded if your pet does no damage.
  5. Hotel Guides provides information about non-refundable pet fees, but not about refundable pet deposits.
  6. Some hotels are dog friendly only. Cats are not allowed.
  7. Most hotels will expel dogs that bark and disturb other guests.
  8. Many hotels restrict pets to smoking rooms or to a limited number of "pet rooms."
  9. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the pet related information in this guide, as some hotels change their pet policies and fees often. However, we will be happy to call a hotel to check its current pet policy.
  1. If a pet friendly hotel's listing has an updated date but no weight limit for pets, then it likely has no weight limit. But pet friendly hotels that do not have an updated date may have a weight limit. We recommend that you write us about these hotels.
  2. Important:To make sure you don't have a problem when you check in, please briefly describe the pet or pets you plan to bring when making reservations.
  3. If you have any questions about pet friendly hotels – or if you find that our information needs to be updated – please email us at pets at

Hotel Tips and FAQs 

  1. Best advice we can give you - Click the "Make Reservation" button only once. If you click this button two times, you will make two reservations. If you receive two email confirmations for one reservation, you have accident ally made a duplicate reservation. 
  2. Next best advice we can give you - Arrive early. The sooner you check into a hotel, the better your chances of getting a room or suite that matches yourpreferences.
  3. Are hotel rates for a room or per person? - Our hotel rates are for a room or suite for onenight – not for each person in a room. Sometimes there is a small additional charge for more than one or two adults in the same room.
  4. Who is eligible for corporate rates? - In general, almost anyone who has a personal printed business card with a company name and address on it. However, if you have any doubts about your eligibility, send us the name of the hotel and city where you want to stay, and we will ask the hotel who is eligible for their corporate rates.
  5. Are state and local employees eligible for government rates? - In most cases,yes. Just bring your agency ID card with you. Again, if you have any doubts about your eligibility,send us the name of the hotel and city where you want to stay, and we will ask the hotel who is eligible for their government rates.
  6. Are military personnel eligible for government rates? - In almost all cases, yes.But we will be happy to call the hotel where you want to stay to confirm this. Just write us.
  7. How are child and senior defined? - If you're under 12, you're a child. If you're 65 or older, you're a senior.  If you're 12-17 or 55-64, then you may be a child or a senior. The answer varies from hotel to hotel and may affect your roomrate. Send usthe name of the hotel and city where you want to stay, and we will find out howthat hotel defines a child or senior.
  8. How can I be sure a hotelwill accept my pet? - Send usthe name of the hotel and city where you want to stay, and we will call the hotel about its current pet policy.
  9. No availability for dates requested - This message can mean that a hotel has no rooms available for the night you've selected ... or that the hotel requires you to stay 2 or more nights. If you increase the number of nights, you may find that rooms are available.
  10. Beware of making off-season beach reservations too early. - If you want to stay at a beach during its off-season, you may find that hotel rates drop as the off-season approaches.For example, the rates you see in June for October dates may be much higher than the same rates you see in late September.  Suggested strategy: Make a no-cancellation-fee reservation in June. Check again in late September to see if you can get alower rate. If so, book a second reservation and then cancel your first reservation.
  11. Which credit cards can I use to make a reservation? - This also varies from hotel to hotel. When you makea reservation, click the arrow in the Credit Card Type box, and a listof the credit cards that hotel accepts will appear.
  12. Will my credit card be charged immediately? - Not in most cases. Your credit card isused simply to guarantee your reservation.  However, when you make a Discount Rate reservation,your credit card will be changed immediately.
  13. Can I use a debit card to make a reservation? - Yes. Any Visa or MasterCard debit card will be accepted.
  14. When can I make a telephone reservation? - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  15. Can I change a reservation online? - You will soon be able to change reservations online. But for now, the best way to change a reservation is to make a new reservation, then cancel your first reservation..
  16. What should I do if I arrive at a hotel and find that I have a duplicate reservation?- Ask the check-in clerk to please cancel the accidental duplicate registration. If he or she refuses, insist on speaking tothe hotel's general manager and then explain the situation


Tip 1 – Best advice we can give you: Beware of non-refundable hotel reservations that could cost you a lot of money if you change or cancel them.

Tip 2– Read cancellation policies carefully before you make a reservation.

Tip 3– When you make a reservation, you will receive a confirmation email.Print it and take it with you, and don't delete the original email until you have completed your stay and know you have been billed correctly.

Tip 4– The earlier in the day you check into a hotel, the more likely you will get a room or suite that matches your preferences.

Tip 5– Hotel rates vary by season, by day of week, for special events, etc.Our $ cost codes are estimates that can be used to compare hotels in the same location.

Ask if they offer discount rates for corporate, government, and military employees, AAA and AARP members, seniors, and other groups.