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Going to the doctor is not always so easy when you’re a senior. Maybe it is getting more difficult to drive around town in busy traffic, park the car and walk several blocks to the doctor’s office. Maybe you get anxious waiting for you’re appointments when you are all alone.

iConcierge Senior Services has the solution for you to be on the road again. We will pick you up at your home; drive you to your medical appointment, accompany you to the office, stay with you for the appointment if you would like, and then drive you home again and accompany you to your door to make sure you are safe inside before we leave.

Most seniors say that transportation is the key to their independence. But there is a larger picture to consider. Transportation is not just driving a car. There are many options to get you where you need to be.

iConcierge Senior Services allows seniors to remain independent. Seniors can make their own doctor’s appointments, schedule their own rides and feel confident that they can get to their appointments safely and on time. We are walker and wheelchair friendly.(must be able to transfer)

ACCOMPANIMENT TRANSPORTATION This is a reliable service that provides required safe accompaniment/escorted transportation to medical appointments, grocery shopping, and other essential appointments. We are with you all the way and on time. When we ...More

INCIDENTAL LOCAL TRANSPORTATION / APPOINTMENT ACCOMPANIMENT SERVICES This service offers transportation and accompaniment for people who don’t drive. Lots of seniors who are dependent on cabs will find this more convenient. This service dedicates a vehicle for the time you need and the ...More

Our modern company owned vehicles are safe, reliable and comfortable.

Try to book your transportation with us as soon as you are aware of your scheduled needs.Assistance is offered from residence to vehicle Assistance in and out of vehicle We will wait with you at your appointment, and then ...More

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