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How to cast to tailing redfish. In part 1 of casting to tailing redfish https://youtu.be/DsROWzTQuoo, I demonstrated the techniques for catching tailing redfish using a stationary target. in this video, I put that advice to work by casting to an actual group of tailing redfish in Mosquito Lagoon, Florida.

Saltwater Yak Fisherman - I pulled the kayak along the top of a shingle bank and launched into a small river, a few hundred yards from the sea.

The tide was out so the river was flowing freely into the sea. There was a shoal of mullet working the surface, fins out of the water.

They only took to the depths when my bow pushed into the shoal itself. A heron was fishing on the bank, a really pleasant way to start a trip.

West Wind Fishing charters - Let Captain Gary guide you to a Back Country Kayak adventure for Snook, Tailing Redfish and Trout out of Placida Florida.

WE PROVIDE Stable and comfortable outfitted kayaks, full instructions on paddling your kayak, fishing techniques of the backcountry, personal guide, fly or spinning rods and reels, flies or lures and safety equipment.

Finally got outside to the blue water. Put in some trolling hours with not much to show. The wrecks were kind of quiet as well. Did pull up a couple though. The wind is down for a bit so should be able to get out a bit more often. Boy those sharks are aggessive.

Jetski fishing in the Florida Keys GoPro

Forward any questions about setting up your own Jetski for fishing to Baynon@bulloch.net


Come try a fishing experience that is as unique and exciting as the wilds of Florida!

Our Florida kayak fishing charters will take you out into some of South West Florida's unspoiled inshore habitat.

Imagine gliding silently over lush grass flats, undetected by a large school of Redfish just a short cast away from being caught.

Eric Jackson explains what you need to know as a novice kayak fisherman.

Osprey Bay - Imagine being able to pull off the side of a country road, somewhere remote, launch your kayak and be surrounded by fishable water in minutes.

Join our Professional Kayak Fishing Instructors, Glen Pla for an educational and fun day of learning how to fish from kayaks and canoes.

They will teach you everything you need to know to get started on the road to kayak fishing success. You will never need to hire another guide!

Mahi mahi, sailfish, and big sharks all make an appearance in this kayak fishing episode from a trip to

Paradise Coast Paddlers - From the Gulf to the Glades This is the official website of the Paradise Coast Paddlers of Southwest Florida.

We’re about paddling smart and paddling safe as our members enjoy the beautiful waters along Florida’s coast.

Our club is for anyone and everyone with an interest in kayaking. You don't need to be an experienced paddler.

We have trips and events for paddlers of all skill levels. Want to learn? We have a paddle the third Sunday of every month that is open to anyone.

Kayak online - Kayaking in Florida Kayak Florida — find a great paddling route. Find a kayak outfitter or store.

Find a kayaking school, rental shop or tour guide. We have listed a little bit of what Florida has to offer the kayaker.

Sailfish, kingfish and big sharks all make an appearance in this kayak fishing episode co-starring Christina Weber.
In Part 2 of Robert Field's Extreme Offshore Kayak Fishing miniseries, Robert is on his second day offshore in South Florida while prefishing for the Extreme Kayak Fishing Summer Slam I Tournament. On day 2, Robert heads out with Eric McDonald of Deep Blue Kayak Charters (www.deepbluekayakfishing.com) in hopes of landing his first sailfish from the kayak. This action-packed video features Robert and Hobie Fishing Team member Christina Weber (www.fishingwithchristinaweber.com) both hooking into their first sailfish.

Saltwater Sports Florida - At Naples Kayak Company we are comitted to having the best available employees and associates to better provide you with the best assistance possible.

All of our guides and instructors are ACA Certified and all of our fishing guides have fished SW FL for years.

Our rental and retail staff are here to make sure you have a fun, informative and memorable experience on and off the water.