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Eric Jackson explains what you need to know as a novice kayak fisherman.

Safety First

From an overall safety perspective, the key is to let it be known where you are when on the water.

Rob recommends multiple communication devices like a cell phone, a two-way radio, a personal locator beacon, a flare gun, a signal mirror, and a whistle.

He also wears bright colored performance shirts that act as large, highly visible safety flags.

For launches in the dark or with little daylight, he suggests bringing a light pole. Rob also brings a pump and duct tape in case of a leak.

This is all about safety.

I've kayak fished for a number of years before I stepped up to Jetski Fishing ( Seadoo 4-seater LRV) which I highly recommend if you enjoy kayak fishing.

I have a trolling motor attached for stealth fishing the mangroves. In a Jetski you can go Off-shore fisheries for miles.

I have a 20 gallon gas tank. Many Jetski fishermen carry extra gas so they can go 50 miles out and back.

This makes Safety paramount and more intense due to the distances traveled.
Watch this video and you will see the safety precautions are intense.
SUPERSIZE Kayak Fishing with a 1000cc MotorSUPERSIZE Kayak Fishing with a 1000cc Motor

Kayak gives you a unique advantage

With precautions like these, Rob believes the rewards of saltwater kayak fishing greatly outweigh the risks.

In addition to the beauty of being in the middle of blue water on a small craft powered by human motion, a kayak gives you a unique advantage when fishing because of its low sound and size profile.

Fish aren’t spooked as easily. Rob also adds that there’s something exhilarating about seeing big sportfishing charter boats pass by pointing and commenting to their clients as you haul in a big pelagic fish on your kayak.

Jeff Little explains how to become accustomed to the stability of your kayak so that you can learn how to stay upright in your kayak while fishing. This video series is sponsored by Wilderness Systems Kayaks.

Network of anglers

There’s really no secret to the consistent kayak fishing success Rob has achieved. You’ve got to put in the time on the water.

He says “I’m never done learning, reading, doing research, attending fishing clinics and seminars, and listening to what works for others.

Having a good network of anglers with clear communication is ideal.

This is part of the beauty of the offshore kayak fishing world, he notes.

No one is trying to hide anything about how they find their fishing success. They’re all open with sharing ideas, tactics, rigs, and locations to build each other up.

This makes it more fun for everyone, and it ultimately helps Rob and other core leaders of the offshore kayak fishing community, like Extreme Kayak Fishing Inc., grow the community for the ocean sport they love.


Connect with Rob and go fishing with him and his team of kayak fishing guides through SouthFloridaKayakGuide.com and his kayak fishing forum on Florida Sportsman.

Other great sponsors for their team include Arribe Reels, Adrenalin Custom Rods, and RAILBLAZA.

Keep an eye on Shark Zen’s blog, newsletter, and social media to see the big stories to come about Rob’s future kayak fishing conquests. Don't forget to comment below to tell us your offshore kayak fishing experiences.THE SHARK ZEN DEN

The attraction of kayak fishing

South Florida a popular offshore kayak fishing destination - Sun Sentinel

Kayak snook fishing in Naples, Fl

There are numerous reasons why kayak fishing has become so popular.

Once you buy a kayak, going fishing is affordable, good exercise for all ages, relaxing and effective.

South Florida has become a premier kayak fishing destination thanks to the Extreme Kayak Fishing offshore tournaments.

There's also an abundance of inshore fishing opportunities for everything from largemouth and peacock bass in area lakes to sea trout, red fish, snook in mangroves backwaters and Estero Bay.

"It's amazing lately, but a lot of people are getting into kayak fishing," I've seen a tremendous amount of customers who have either small boats or no boats getting into backcountry fishing.

Explosive growth in the sport

Check out Pushin' Water Kayak Charters, Inshore Offshore and Freshwater in South East Florida:

Joe Hector also has seen the explosive growth in the sport. When Hector and his friend Nathan Special started kayak fishing several years ago, it was primarily inshore for tarpon and snook.

One day they went offshore to fish for snapper and grouper on a shallow reef. The current and wind carried them into deeper water, where they caught big kingfish.

Since then, they've caught sailfish, wahoo, tuna and dolphin.

"We would go out there and we would have so many people tell us we were crazy," said Hector, of Pompano Beach.

Hector was inspired by Bill "Kayak Willie" Tytler

Hector was inspired by Bill "Kayak Willie" Tytler, who used to fish from his kayak in the Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo. Hector thought it'd be cool to have an offshore tournament just for kayakers.

Little did he know what he had created.

"I never thought in a million years that we would have the nation's first kayak sailfish tournament, the first international tournament in the Bahamas and the first summer series," said Hector, adding that anglers have come from Oklahoma, Texas, both Carolinas and even South Africa.

The whole sport has grown

First time kayak fishing in my Malibu X Factor. Fishing on Marco Island FL. Also my first video using my Go Pro camera.

"The whole sport has grown, but I never thought the offshore part would grow like it has."If you think about it, why we're getting anglers from all over is because this is the place to fish offshore in a kayak.

Paddle out a half mile to get big kings, paddle out a little more to get mahi, wahoo, tuna, sailfish.

And age is not a handicap

To other anglers around the country, this is Utopia."And age is not a handicap."If you're 60, you can go out there and compete with 25-year-olds," Hector said.

"At our tournaments, I would say 30 percent of the fishermen are in their early 50s and late 40s."Like Greene's customers at Custom Rod & Reel, many of those getting into kayak fishing are boat owners.

In the beginning we had a lot of kayak guys who weren't fishermen

Join us as we visit the "Sun and Moon Inn' in sunny Matlacha Florida! The greatest place to catch big tarpon from your Kayak.

Hector noted that Michael Wood, the winner of Summer Slam Part 1 in June, fishes on the saltwater tournament team Pennyless."In the beginning we had a lot of kayak guys who weren't fishermen.

Now we have fishermen who are becoming kayak guys," Hector said.The potential return on their investment is great.

 Cash and a new Hobie kayak

For a $90 entry fee and the cost of live bait, an angler can win $3,500 for first or cash and a new Hobie kayak for second or third.

Hector offered sound advice for kayakers who want to fish offshore:Check the weather the night before, then go to the beach the next day and check the conditions before you spend money on live bait.

Make sure everything is tied to your kayak and you have all your safety gear, including a flag that boaters can see, a life jacket, visual and sound devices and a knife. And always go with a friend.

After heading out, stop in 80-100 feet to see where the current and wind are taking you, and set up a drift accordingly with a live bait.

A great rig is to put a big treble hook with some wire leader in front of a goggle-eye's dorsal fin, which lets the bait swim around and look natural.swaters@tribune.com or Twitter @WatersOutdoorsPrivacy PolicyCopyright © 2017, Sun SentinelFishing Canoeing and Kayaking Waterway and Maritime Transportation

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