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The Naples Pier does it all

Sunsets come in may different colors and shapes. Some are pink, some are orange, all are compelling.


The Naples Pier does it all. Best known as a fishing pier and symbol of Naples but if your lucky you may catch a dolphin show, tail standing and all.

Least you forget, you're within a stones throw of great dining, shopping and things to do.

Favorite's of locals and visitors 

A favorite of locals and visitors alike, features a concession stand slash bait shop, a man-made wooding Jetty great for fishing, panoramic views and dazzling Sunsets viewing.

Jig Anglers are in the first 100 feet of the pier to find there favorite spot. Further down the pier under shaded roofs Mid-Pier another gathering of anglers.

At the very end of the pier, who knows, giant Goliath Grouper are rumored to be residents there.

There are fish cleaning stations and comfortable benches throughout the Pier for convenience and comfort. (don't have to clean fish at home with there scales and smell).

The Municipal beach features a volleyball sand court at the pier and multiple beach access with limited parking  (some with showers) at many Avenues that end at the beach.

Family Time 

Often on Saturday mornings, my son Ryan and I would head to Del’s 24 Hr Store & Bait Shop, buy a couple dozen live shrimp, coffee for me donuts for my son (Pier Concession doesn't open at 7 am) and arrive at Naples Pier with smiles on our faces.

Walking  the pier we see many seniors gathered seated at table provided on the pier near the concession stand. A daily happening I'm sure.

Anglers, sipping there coffee in the pre-dawn light telling tall fish tales no doubt before casting out their lines in hopes of catching the big one.


Finally the warm sun peaked through the morning haze.  

Bait fish crashing together jumping high out of the water in their struggle to escape their attackers. Seabirds joined in the frenzy and the dance begin.

Fishermen from everywhere run to the spot and casting out to the center of boiling sea hoping to land the big one. 

Fish-on...Fish-on. It's a strike. Set the hook. The games is afoot.

Pelicans roam the pier wanted leftovers from the fisherman. Dolphins,  Snook and other species of fish can be seen about the pier. A squadron of Leapard String arranged in a diamond pattern swoop by.  Nature open close is Amazing.

Bottle-nose Dolphins Tail Walking

This particular Saturday morning, my son Ryan and I with other anglers were caught in the moment as two Bottle-nose Dolphins were tail walking seemingly knowing they were entertaining us.  

It was a awe-inspiring performance worthy of one you would pay to see at Sea World.  Clearly demonstrating their awesome ability and immense strength. It was to say a word, Awesome! A moment I got to enjoy with my son, double Awesome!

Panoramic View 

The Pier offers excellent panoramic views of six miles of candy white beaches and turquoise waters that stretch from Gordon Pass on the south to Wiggins Pass on the north.

Spectacular Sunsets

Sunsets come in may different colors and shapes. Some are pink,  some are orange, all are compelling.

Locals and visitors come hours before sunset with blankets and chairs, some with beverages of their choice and snacks, waiting each evening for a a few moments to see one more sunset. 

A Thunderstorm over the gulf at sunset is a sight to behold. The sky appears angry yet tranquil with colors of black, pink and sometimes orange and yellow.

Lighting cracks followed by equally loud rolling thunder, throw in a hundred or so white flashes against a dark bruiting sea.Well that'.....Wow

Marco Beach ShotMarco Beach Shot

Without a doubt, one of the most popular activities both on the beach and on the pier, is gathering in the late afternoon and early evening to watch the ever-changing but always spectacular sunsets.

See the Funnel Cloud?See the Funnel Cloud?

Paradise-Coast communities are blessed and spoiled to see this heavenly event each evening.