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Those of us who can’t even afford to visit a $1 cinema can take comfort in the fact that Collier County Public Library will once again offer its free afternoon film series. You may not be able to munch on popcorne here, but the films are quality and the price is right: Here are partial to full listings that are currently available for specialized series Foreign and independent films

Introducing a new movie going experience. 11 theaters equipped with state of the art digital sound, leather seats and reserved seating, creating a lush environment where you'll enjoy films like never before. With a full restaurant & lounge, you'll come out feeling like you went on vacation. Silverspot Cinema‎

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Fun Film Talk   Are you like me? Do you love film? Does your heart skip a beat when the ‘boy gets the girl?’ Do you find yourself giddy with excitement when The Wizard of Oz is playing on television? Or do you gnash your teeth in agony as the villain is perpetrating his or her nastiness?  If you’re nodding your head as you read this then you too are a movie lover and you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to a cool little web site dedicated to movies and the folks who love them.

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Towne Centre 6 ‎- more info » 3855 East Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL‎ - (239) 774-4800‎ Category: Movie Theater 3 reviews "This is a multiplex theatre in east Naples. Prices are comparable with ..."‎>

Regal Hollywood 20 ‎- more info » 3855 East Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL‎- more info » 6006 Hollywood Drive, Naples, FL‎ - (239) 597-9494‎ Category: Movie Theater 6 reviews "Regal Hollywood 20 has very uneven viewing areas - some of the 20 ..."‎

Pavilion Cinema 10 ‎- more info » 3855 East Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL‎ - (239) 596-0008‎ Category: Movie Theater 7 reviews "Not quite the fanciest theater you've ever seen, but it is the cheapest in ..."‎

Silverspot Cinema‎ ‎- more info » 3855 East Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL‎ - (239) 592-0300‎ Category: Movie Theater 10 reviews "Its a movie theater with a restaurant/bar within the concession area. Your ..."‎

Naples International Film‎ ‎- more info » 1100 6th Avenue South, Naples, FL‎ - (239) 775-3456‎ Category: Movie Theater

Naples Towne centre 6‎- more info » 3855 East Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL‎ - (239) 774-9800‎ Category: Movie Theater

Southwest Film Association Inc‎ ‎ - (239) 593-1666‎ Category: Movie Theater

Marco Movies‎ ‎- more info » 599 South Collier Boulevard, Marco Island, FL‎ - (239) 642-1111‎ Category: Movie Theater 1 review "This movie theater is one of the best I have been to. It isn't only a great ..."‎

The Naples Players ‎ - (239) 434-7340‎ Category: Performing Arts Theater 15 reviews "What does Silk expect from a community theater production? Broadway? Well, then get a plane ticket and go to NY. Of course, it will cost you a small ..."‎‎ Sponsored Links

Philharmonic Center for the Arts‎ Your cultural destination in Naples Florida.