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May through September many nesting sea turtles travel to Florida's Coast to feed and nest, or lay eggs.
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 The Beaches of Southwest Florida, by YouTube - Videos connecting  people to people. " Beaches of SW Florida," YouTube - Videos connecting people.

Naples Pier on a windy day

The Naples Pier does it all. It's best known as a fishing pier and symbol of Naples but if your lucky you may catch a dolphin show, tail standing and all. It happened for my son and I. It still brings a smile to my face.Least you forget, you're within a stones throw of good eating, shopping and entertainment.

Naples Pier on a windy day

A favorite location of fishermen, the Naples Pier features a concession stand and bait shop, and fishing from the pier does not require a fishing license, as the City of Naples has purchased a bulk fishing license for the pier. The beach at the pier also features volleyball nets, and is one of the best places to catch a spectacular Naples sunset.

Early Saturday mornings more often than not, my son Ryan and I would head to Del’s 24 Hr Store & Bait Shop, buy a couple dozen live shrimp, pick up coffee at Dunkin Donuts and arrive at Naples Pier at 7:00. Walking down the pier we would the see locals begin to gather at the Pier with their wire carts, bait & tackle in hand, rod & reel combos ready and a hot cup of coffee with hopes of catching the big one while enjoying the company of fellow Anglers.

As the sun peaked through the morning haze what a fisherman's dream to see. Bait fish crashing together jumping high out of the water in their struggle to escape. The seabirds joined in the frenzy and the dance began. Under the bait fish are the fish we have come for, the predator fish. Fishermen from everywhere cast out to the center of boiling sea hoping to land the big one so early in the day.

It's a strike. Set the hook. The games is afoot.Naples Pier on a windy day

One of the more popular is Naples Municipal Beach, located at the end of 12th Street, just two blocks from Naples’ lovely, upscale downtown.

Stroll to the end of the pier for an excellent panoramic view of the six miles of beaches that stretch from Gordon Pass on the south side to Doctors Pass on the north side. It’s also a great spot to try your hand at fishing. Pelicans often beg leftovers from the fisherman, and dolphins, stingrays, and many varieties of fish can also be seen from the pier. But without a doubt, the most popular activity, both on the beach and on the pier, is gathering in the late afternoon and early evening to watch the ever-changing but always spectacular sunsets.

Naples Pier on a windy day

There are very few places that encompass such natural beauty with a breathtaking view of Naples from the Pier. Indeed a beautiful city and first class in every aspect from culture, golfing to shopping to food. Top notch destination in Florida unspoiled beaches with a sophisticated genteel laid back attitude.This is the jewel of Florida and the best kept secret, that I consider lucky to have discovered.

The Gulf Glups the Sunset

As day turns to night Naples takes on the mystic mantle of magic. The crowds swells, all here to witness a thing of splendor.Surrounded by the rhythm of the sea as the sun disappear into the sea.

There's something to be said for many visitors and locals who trek nightly to share waiting and watching for a gorgeous sunset.

Some are pink or some are orange, all are compelling.

A Thunderstorm over the gulf at sunset is a sight to behold. The sky angry yet tranquil with colors of black, pink and sometimes orange and yellow.

Loud lighting cracks followed by equally loud rolling thunder,throw in a hundred or so white flashes against a dark bruiting sea.Well that'.....Wow

Southwest Florida ( Stingray Season ) Shuffle......

Southwest Florida Shuffle

  • From the First of May until the end of October every year is Stingray season on the beaches of Southwest Florida. 
  • The first thing most locals will tell you is to "Shuffle" your feet as you walk in the surf.
  • By shuffling your feet, you will scare off any stingrays before you have a chance to step on them.
  • It doesn't matter how big or small they are, if you step on them they will nail you with the barb in their tail out of defense.

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