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I found this Quiz in the Naples Daily News and thought I would put it on my page for all who are interest to see if you are old-timer, local, snowbird or a weekend visitor.

I did and scored snowbird. Guess I haven't been paying attention to local events.

Take the quiz. Can a town whose economy is built around tourism and seasonal migration really have a history? Of course. But the odds that people know much about it drops considerably.

To Lois Bolin and the folks at Naples Backyard History, that's a shame. So they developed a series of questions to test your knowledge of the town in honor of Naples History Month, which is celebrated in May.

The posted questions on its web site "Naples Backyard History" and city hall are about the exploits of the folks responsible for transforming Naples from a sleepy fishing village into an international destination.

Have you been paying attention? Answer the questions from the Naples Backyard History quiz. Give yourself one point for each correct answer. Check your tally below to see just how true a Neapolitan you are.

Click here for Quiz-->Naples Backyard History

Answer the questions from the
Naples Backyard History quiz

1.) Who is credited for the founding of the City of Naples? A.) Steve Briggs B.) Bubba Frank C.) Bill Barnett D.) Walter Haldeman

2.) When was the orginal Naples Pier built? A.) 1960 B.) 1888 C.) 1880 D.) 1901

3.) How long did Speed Menefee serve as the city's first Mayor? A.) 15 months B.) He was never Mayor C.) 15 minutes D.) He died before the ceremony

4.) What family donated the land for Cambier Park? A.) Norris family B.) Sorey family C.) Fleischmann family D.) Watkins family

5.) Who was Naples longest reigning Mayor? A.) Roy Smith B.) Judge Wilerson C.) Bonnie Mckenzie D.) Speed Menfee

6.) In 1948, A unique non-profit was establised in Naples allowing for its improvement. What was it Called? A.) The Naples Comprehensive Plan # 1 B.) The Naples plan C.) The plan for Comprehension D.) President's Council Strategic plan7.) What are the boundaries of the city's historic district A.) There is no historic district B.) Anything west of U.S. 41 C. Nine Avenue South to 13th Avenue South to the Gulf to Third Street South D.) Anything south of Central Avenue

8.) Who is the first offical Historian? A.) Bubba Frank B.) Mamie Took C.) Vin Depasquale D.) Doris Reynolds

9.) When did Hurricane Donna hit Naples? A.) Sept. 10, 1960 B.) July 4, 1955 C.) Sept. 1, 1960 D.) Aug. 10, 1960

10.) Who rebuilt the pier at heir own expense after Hurricane Donna and again in 1970 when the new pilings began to rot?

A.) Ad Miller and Henry Watkins B.) Lester and Delolora Norris C.) City of Naples D.) Holland Salley and Doris Reynolds

11.) What two skills did Deaconess Bedell bring back to the seminoles? A.) Basket weaving and doll making B.) Canoe making and mask carving C.) Skirt making and sewing D.) Casino and chickee building

12.) What are the correct names of the areas to the North and South of Gordon's Pass? A.) Royal Harbor and City Dock B.) Port Royal and Keewaydin Island C.) Port Royal and Key island.

Answers. 1-D, 2-B, 3-C, 4-D, 5-A, 6-B, 7-C, 8-D, 9-A, 10-B, 11-A, 12-B

ONE TO THREE POINTS: WEEKEND VISITOR. Still finding your way around town, You might need to ask for directions to get to third Street south.

FOUR TO SIX POINTS: SNOWBIRD. You're rented the same condo for a few seasons, but your license plates still say Michigan.

SEVEN TO 10 POINTS: LOCAL. Even if you didn't graduate from Naples High, you've been here long enough that people think you did.

ELEVEN OR MORE POINTS: OLD-TIMER. You remember when Central Avenue was a dirt road and second Avenue North was considered North Naples.