Photo Gallery

I would like to share the places, people, culture and Southern lifestyle that I have enjoyed through pictures of the "Paradise Coast".

Photo's of the natural beauty of the "Paradise Coast". 

The Beaches of Naples & Southwest Florida Naples has the feel of a beach community. The stresses of life slows down and become manageable allowing you to recharge your batteries and find that fun place you have been looking for desperately. Let's see....Sunny days on the beach, world class restaurants and entertainment at you foot prints, its a no brainer. Who needs a car. Everything you need is here.

Florida Butterflies Photos  Zebra longwings (Heliconius charitonius) are one of four longwing and fritillary butterflies found in Florida. In 1996, Governor Chiles designated the Zebra Longwing as Florida's official state butterfly. The zebra, easily identified by its long black wings striped with yellow, is found in all parts of the state year round.

Fish I.D.'s No matter how long you have been fishing in the state of Florida you will always or eventually come across a species or saltwater fish that you might not be able to identify.Thats why we wanted to put this Florida fish identification page together so you could have a place to come and look up all of the florida fish and view pictures of them.

Hot Fish I.D.'s I would have to say that fishing is most certainly a man’s sport and hobby. Granted plenty of women fish but I don’t see that many chicks on Bassmasters (not that I watch Bassmasters). I don’t know. I guess you guys kind of understand what I mean yes? I should hope so.

However, this by no means infers that women don’t fish. In fact, I think it’s kind of badass to see women fish. Well, as long as they’re really hot and not wearing that much clothing.

Southwest Florida Webcams Want to see what's going on at one of the area's locations right now? Check out these web cams and get an up-to-the-minute glimpse of your favorite beach, attraction, or other location. Some are live and others offer still pictures. Be patient, some take a while to load for viewing.

Naples Sunsets Our famous Sunsets -- a memorable, breathtaking experience. We highly recommend a Sunset Cruise or Sail...nothing compares to a Naples Sunset Dinner Cruise. Gourmet meals are prepared fresh on board. Look for our incomparable Sunset Cruise with "More Than Hors d'oeuvres" cruises, too!

Naples Sunsets II As day turns to night Naples takes on the mystic mantle of magic. The crowds swells, all here to witness a thing of splendor. Surrounded by the rhythm of the sea as the sun disappear into the sea. There's something to be said for many visitors and locals who trek nightly to share waiting and watching for a gorgeous sunset. Some are pink or some are orange, all are compelling.

Naples Beach Hotel and Sunset Beach Bar The Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club, offers it all: The Gulf of Mexico, great pool, snack bar, outdoor dining, and the Sunset Beach Bar. Plus something special, "a Jimmy Buffets atmosphere" coupled with great "Sunsets" and great music. 

Vanderbilt Beach Vanderbilt Beach is a beach community within the community with residents & visitors who are welled heeled and come here from everywhere. It's a great Beach for many reasons.

Fifth Avenue South
Fifth Avenue South of Naples is home to award-winning restaurants and café’s, world-class art galleries, chic boutiques, elegant inns.

Mercato at Vanderbilt & Tamiami Trail
"The Meracto" recently opened (some say the new "South Beach"of Naples and serious contender to 5th Avenue South and 3rd Street South combined) and subject of interest to visitors and locals alike.

Third Street South
Third Street South Glamor and Good Times Since the 1930's. Near to the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, the 19th century Naples Pier, and the colorful original beach cottages. Sophisticated and delightful shopping and dining on historic Third Street South awaits – amidst courtyards, antique European fountains, and lush colorful cascading flowers.

My girls Rachel & Jackie at Fort Myers Beach
How can I describe Fort Myers Beaches? One word: AWESOME! The island is beautiful year round, the people are very friendly, the beaches gorgeous (7-miles), and to top it off….it doesn’t take a lot of money to vacation here.

Naples Pier
The Naples Pier does it all. It's best known as a fishing pier and symbol of Naples but if your lucky you may catch a dolphin show, tail standing and all. Least you forget, you're within a stones throw of good eating, shopping and entertainment.

Marco Island
My favorite of all Marco Island Beaches is South Marco Beach located at the end of Marco Island. Picturesque offering a striking view of the end of Marco and a jetty some fifty yards out provides a great habitat for fish making this beach a good choice for shore fishing as well.

Lovers Key Park
For years, Lovers Key was accessible only by boat and it was said that only lovers traveled to the island to enjoy its remote and solitary beach. Today lovers come here for the the same reasons but now the 2 1/2 mile long beach is accessible by tram or you could walk a beautiful trail and boardwalk.

32nd street South Beach - Uptown
The last of the downtown Naples Beaches is a favorite of mine. Not many people know about this beach where I can walk all the way to Gordon’s Pass (1/4 mile - the very tip of Port Royal) and fish the pass if I want too or just be alone with my thoughts.

Fish of Southwest Florida
Hello fellow anglers. Welcome to pictures of your fellow anglers with there fish of Southwest Florida. Take a good look. You can be one of these anglers posing with a big grin with your 'Catch of the Day' photo.

Dome Houses of Southwest Florida Cape Romano  (Pic's of the Dome Houses). The people who now owns the bubbles bought 6 acres of the point and is fully aware that sometimes they'll have 10 acres and sometimes they'll have nothing. Right now the structures remain there to this day but are so far from the shore due to changing shoreline, that any attempt at saving them has probably long been lost.