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How To Play Golf And Get Paid For It!

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Playing golf is the best way to spend the day. Many golf players would gladly play golf all day long, every day if they could.

I am certainly one of those golfers. It is not just a sport to me; it is a way of life.

So what if I told you that not only could you learn how to play golf for free but you could also get paid to play? You can get paid up to $1000 a week just to play the great game of golf.

How many times have you heard or seen someone say that they like to mull over their business decisions over a game of golf? This is quite common, however today’s business person often have enough on their plates just conducting business.

Golf is just something that they don’t have time for. This market is gigantic in the business world because as so many decisions are made over a game of golf, so business people need someone who can spend the time in the day to play the game.

That’s where you come in. How it works is that these businesses will hire you to play the golf games with their clients when they can’t do it. Not only will you get to play golf on the business’ dime, but you will actually get paid to do it.

Why Would Someone Pay Me To Golf?

You may be wondering why anyone would go to such lengths as to pay someone else to play a game or two every day. That is very easy to answer. Below I have listed the most common reasons why these companies will pay you to play golf for them

1. Since so many business people’s time is very valuable, they simply can’t spend the time in the day that is needed to entertain their clients with golf games.

2.Many business people hire people because they just don’t know how to play golf themselves. This is another time when you can capitalize from it. Many of the executives that can’t play the game do not want to be embarrassed and therefore will simply outsource instead.

3.The other reason why they are willing to pay for your golfing services is because although the executive might know how to play golf and may even have the time for it, they may simply just not be very good at it. That may leave their client feeling bored during the game and therefore take away from the fun for them.

Step # 1 Getting started

First of all, you will want to compile a list of all of the golf courses in and around your area. You will want to have at least four or so courses on your list of steady courses. You will want to visit all of these courses so that you can get familiar with them.

You want to get to know the greens and the roughs like the back of your hand if you really want to be successful. You also want to have experience on both private and public courses, as not all clients will want to play in a private golfing club.

You will also want to have a quick list ready that explains the fees for playing; the phone number to get tee times; and the number to register your tee times etc. these will have to be handy regularly and easily.

Finally for this step you will want to ensure that you have the club’s address and directions to the site by map to offer to the companies and their clients.

Step # 2

This step is longer as it pertains specifically to playing at the private clubs. For this type of playing you will need the club’s permission to play golf and the process is easier than you might think. You have to remember that you are acting as an entertainer for your clients.

You can start by talking to the managers of the clubs. This is the fun part actually. You will need to be a bit of a sales person. You will be telling the managers of these clubs that you are hoping to get permission to entertain influential people at their clubs.

You will also want to let them know that these people will also be wealthy and will be spending their money at these clubs as well as the fact that they may be purchasing memberships there as well. You will want to tell them that these people that you will entertain will be those who are likely to get those memberships.

This will appeal to sense of greed and a need to bring in as much money as possible to the club. Most of these managers will allow it and some will even grant you discount fees as an extra incentive for you. If they still need more information, you can list out these benefits to allowing you to entertain on the course, which are:

•You can help to increase their revenue by bringing in new golfers that would normally not play at their club and that you will be playing dead hours of the day like early afternoons when most of the club’s players are unavailable due to work etc.

•Stress to them how they will make more money by the extra sales that you will bring in through their pro shops, such as: equipment, food and beverages etc. you will also want to tell them that you and the other players will also want to visit the club house for drinks and relaxation time after playing.

•Since so many clubs have houses on and around their clubs, you can express that in your effort to bring in these wealthy clients, they may be able to sell some of these places with thanks to you introducing your guests to the managers

•Remind them that they may be able to sell complete memberships to these new high end customers who will likely bring in more of their friends through word of mouth. The benefits are endless.

Step #3

You now should have a few golf courses or clubs under your belt and now you will need to locate your market for your services. You will want to target high end businesses that sell big ticket items. This is where you will find your wealthy clientele. Some of these high end businesses that you will be targeting are in the following fields:

- Attorneys - Doctors - Construction - Car dealerships - Accounting firms - Gaming industry (casinos) - Insurance - Engineering - Telecommunications - Computers - Waste management - Advertising Agencies

These are the types of businesses that you will want to talk to as they have the wealthy clients and the money to pay you. You can find these companies in your yellow pages or online.

These are the four major steps that you will need in order to get yourself started. Once you have completed these, you will be ready to tackle the more difficult stuff. We will begin that area in the next section which will help you market your skills around town.

Marketing Yourself

Marketing is probably the most important aspect of starting any business venture successfully. Although you are merely playing golf; you are expecting to get paid which makes you a real business. Like any business, you will have to market yourself if you want to get any clients.

You should be looking to market your services in higher end types of things such as:

• Business magazines and journals • Trade magazines • Sports section in your local newspapers • Online designing of your own webpage • Direct telecommunications requests

If you go through golf magazines, you can often get your idea tested for very little money up front. It is a good way to clear some advertising without breaking your bank right away.

Sample Ads that you can use

The ad that you place in the trade magazines, newspapers etc. will be very important to the business you drum up. Here are a few samples of what you can write to get your business up and running:

Are you watching your clients get cozy over golf with the competition? Now you can entertain your clients on the green without even having to be there.

If you’re not around to entertain your clients, your competition will be. Don’t let this happen to you. Keep your clients loyal by letting me entertain your clients on the golf course today! This may not sound like the most fun or interesting way to try and get new business, but if you have the time and the right personality, calling these companies and giving them your pitch is a good way to go.

When these prospects start calling you for meetings etc, you will want to have something to say to them. You should begin by asking them questions that will let you know if these people would really benefit from your services.

1.That they simply do not have the time that is needed during the day to entertain their clients on the green for the amount of time that it takes in order to play a full round of golf.

2.Some executives do not have the necessary skills in the game to feel comfortable demonstrating them to their clients.

3.Many executives have just never played the game before and do not know how.

I am going to start by asking you which of these reasons that I have just given you applies to you.

Now here the answer doesn’t really matter. As long as you pay attention to his or her reply, you can easily follow up their reply with this:

My company and I have learned that many executives know that they should be entertaining their clients by playing golf with them and often they simply can’t for reason like the one that you gave me. What we do is entertain your clients for you so that you can focus your time and effort into making them happy on the business aspect.

I will play a full 18 holes with your client on your behalf as a representative of your company at the best golf clubs in (your city). These are the nicest courses in this city and will be certain to impress your client. We can entertain up to three clients on your behalf and they will be treated like royalty.

We will make sure that your clients will have a great time on the green, and that they will be well respected. Once the game is over, you can feel free to join your client for cocktails or a meal and discuss business at the conclusion. The time that we spend playing golf can be used by you to finalize your presentation to the client.

This is the point where you must ask them how many of their clients that they feel this service could benefit. If the number is high then you can add: “Great! When should I start?”

Of course, they may counter by asking you what you will charge them for this. That is completely up to you. You can refer to the next section on how to get paid. You will tell them your prices and then ask if they have a preferred course that you should entertain on. Try to close the deal now, but don’t be pushy. If they still hesitate, follow up with a short letter later on.

Getting Paid

When it comes to the price that you will charge, that is completely up to you like I said. I personally charge $150 plus expenses per every 18 holes of golf. These expenses include: tees, green fees for all players and anything else that is required. This includes beverages for the clients.

You should ask for the expenses upfront as well as at least half of your fee. You do this to ensure that should they not want to pay, you have not lost any money personally. The rest of the monies owed will be paid after the round of golf is finished.

Try to have a solid estimate ready for them of the total cost, including a few drinks for the client so that you can have a quote ready. Just be sure to let them know that this may be higher or lower depending on the client’s needs and requests.

Some More Tips

You should already know this but you should really think about how you will act with these clients. You must always be polite no matter how badly the clients behave with you. It is your job to ensure that the client has a good time with you because this is how you will get repeat business from your prospect.

You should also be sure to understand and be up on all of the new golf etiquette and rules. Also, you should know how to locate lost balls because this will ensure that the clients will like you!

How you dress is also very important because you will be judged on this. I would not suggest that you wear shorts either. Try to get some background information on the client through the executive that you are working with. This will give you a leg up on what to talk to the client about.

Learning things like what sports they like and casual things like this will provide you with plenty to talk about. For example, if the client likes the Lions for football, try to wear a shirt with their logo on it because this will help to establish an instant rapport with them.

If you don’t know anything about the Lions, I would suggest that you look it up. It will be a great ice breaker. Be sure to act professional, but try to take their cues on how you should act during the game. If they are easy going and joke a lot feel free to do the same.

However, if they are serious and prone to frustration, be polite and take your cues from them. You should never lose your temper in front of them and remember that you are there to make the client happy.

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