RV Tips for Newbee's

Use these  Camping Tips or There's a good chance as a Newbee Rver you will not have a fun filled camping vacation.

Don't worry, It's all good. We're all been there at one time or another. Maybe like myself you were introduced to Rver family camping, if so, you have a leg up on first Timers.

Not to worry, you'll catch up but wouldn't it be nice to avoid these mistakes before hand. perchance  you would avoid the Curse of the Newbee's?  

Pay it forward begins as you learn for those who came before.


Camping Tips Mistakes not to make

In this RV how to video host Mark Polk, with RV Education 101, offers his top five list of mistakes RV owners make, and how to avoid them. The list includes not stowing RV steps & TV antennas, RV height clearances, backing RVs without spotters, improperly matched tow vehicle and trailer and RV battery maintenance.

Need an RV  Renting checklist?  What to expect when renting an RV? Here are a few things to add to your checklist before you rent an RV such as:

Vehicle Specifications    Dimensions   Features  Available with vehicle to name a few. Google any list you my need , click images above and print or go to Amazon and purchase them.

Need an RV Renting checklist? What to expect when renting an RV? Here are a few things to add to your checklist before you rent an RV such as: Vehicle Specifications Dimensions Features Available with vehicle to name a few. Google any list you my need , click images above and print or go to Amazon and purchase them.
This is the the pre-departure checklist we use each time we get ready to drive the RV. We found this list helpful in preventing unnecessary damage to the RV such as leaving the antenna up while driving or the bay door open.

Find checklists( Important Camping Tips) that fits your needs. Kitchen list, Family camping list, In and around Campsite, clothing and footwear, Food List, Personal Items, Fun Stuff.

 Their appears to be endless supply of list. 

Rent before you buy

RVtravel.com editor Chuck Woodbury suggests that where you like to camp should be considered when choosing an RV to buy. . . Subscribe to this channel: http://youtube.com/rvtravel . BE SURE TO SIGN UP for our free, weekly RV Travel Newsletter, founded in 2001 with more than 60,000 weekly readers. Great info. No spam. http://RVtravel.com .

On many family vacations we renting large, small, big and tall Rv's and Travel Trailers.

When your rent a RV etc, make sure you do a walking around with your sugnificate other (their into the details).

Look, Listen and Question.

A good example on one of our rentals, we traveled 100's of miles before we were almost involved in a accident.The other driver claimed we didn't have breaklights or directionals and we didn't.


 Forgot Me Not's

In this video I share some of my newbie RVing mistakes I made hoping to help others avoid them when they are starting out. We all make mistakes RVing. Hopefully sharing mine will help others (especially you newbies) avoid at least these ones. Cheers Ray

Camping tips, forget to raise and store the electric stairs of your rv. If you're lucky someone near your campsite will let you know before the damage and the cost.

Check list particularly for Newbees important. As a USAF pilot trainee, I can attest that pilots check list was strapped to your leg. Must be for a good reason, you think!

Camping tips, budget, route, reservations neccessities. Plan every detail going and returning home.

  • Spare Tire and Jack,
  • Tools,
  • First Aide Kit.
  • Check List! And more Checklist!
  • Budget for gas. Your rig may only get 4 miles to the gallon. Is it a diesel, that limits your gas stations.
  • Gas stations (pit stops), Rest Areas – get out and strecht, fresh air is good for you, meal stops and more.
  • Plan for the unexpected, sh. ..t happens.
  • Children should have there favorite games and snacks during the drive. Play traveling games.

Walk About

Always use a a Check List  when you do your walk about. Better to spend the time and be safe.

When our old, inferior sewer hose support fell apart after only a year, we bought a Slunky brand. It's now 9 years old, and still works perfectly. You can find it, and our high-flow water pressure regulator on Amazon. Click here to find Slunky: http://tinyurl.com/khullxj
  • Camping Tips Before you leave home, rest stops, and campsites.
  • Check your car too.
  • Shore power, water lines, dump lines disconnected and stored away
  • Awnings properly retracted.
  • Stairs stowed away
  • Pull wheel chucks and store away
  • Is the fire pit completely extinguish.
  • Clean site, Trash to dumpsters.
  • Prepare for the dump stations. (Gloves)
  • Camping Tips courtesy - Unused firewood left behind for the next camper.
  • Did you leave the campsite as you found it. If so,  you're ready to hit the road again.

Not Your Family Car


5) Your RV or Travel Trailer is Not Your Family Car. Gotta ask yourself do you have the skills to drive one?

They're very large, not very maneuverable and take a lot of confidence and practice to drive well.

Stopping distance is markedly longer. Turning radius is much larger. Backing up can be a challenge – use a spotter. Ask for help from fellow campers, they're a friendly bunch.


RV Travels Leaving Campground ~ Hitching & Prepping to go Home

No check list , I forgot can be heard as you leave the campsite still connected to shore power and water connections.

Could be a safety disaster, a costly problem and a major bump in the road on your vacation.

Destination Transportation

Once you arrive at your destination, set-up your campsite, get out the bbq, set the pinic table and then you need to run to the store. Ops...I only have a 40'  12 wheel Gargantuan RV.  What are you going to use to run to the store?

Tall Tales

After all, mistakes on family trips are what make some of the most memorable stories down the road.

No one remembers the days on vacation when nothing goes wrong. The stories that get told time and time again (usually beginning with “remember that time…”) are usually the ones that started out with something going wrong.

Luckily, they tend to get funnier overtime and once you make an RVing mistake once, you can learn from it, remember the story, and be ready for the next mistake that does come your way.