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SeaMay through September many nesting sea turtles travel to Florida's Coast to feed and nest, or lay eggs. Click here for more Facts About Sea Turtles.

 The Beaches of Southwest Florida, by YouTube - Videos connecting  people to people. " Beaches of SW Florida," YouTube - Videos connecting people.

Sanibel & Captiva Islands Voted Top 10 by Travel Channel

Both Sanibel Island and Captiva Island have been voted in the Top 10 Florida Beaches by the Travel Channel!

Best of Sanibel-Captiva

Sanibel Island is a unique barrier island with east-west orientation that differs from the typical north-south layout. This east-west designation has helped Sanibel earn its reputation as one of the Shell Islands - prime spots along Florida’s coastline for gathering perfectly intact shells in every shape and size. Hit the beach with a bucket, shovel and small net and stroll the beach at low tide to peruse the ocean’s bounty of conch, cockles and scallop shells. Bowman’s Beach is the quietest and most remote stretch of sand in Sanibel, while a historic lighthouse beckons visitors to take a stroll on the rustic boardwalk at Lighthouse Beach.

Captiva Island Along with Sanibel, Captiva Island shares the distinction of being 1 of Florida’s Shell Islands. Captiva is generally the spot to find the larger of the intact shells. Turner Beach, though not good for swimming because of fast currents, is the perfect spot for a shell-hunting adventure. Just be sure to leave any live shells on the beach or risk breaking the strict shelling laws. At sunset, head to Captiva Beach at the end of Captiva Drive to take in a spectacular sunset.

ISLANDS of SANIBEL-CAPTIVA are unique barrier islands, having an unusual east-west orientation. This orientation acts as a giant shovel scooping up all the seashells that the Gulf waters bring. People are drawn from all over world, drawn by its reputation as the Shell Islands. The islands are actually made out of shells, and over thousands of years created the great sandy beaches and an abundance of shells that we enjoy today.

Sanibel & Captiva Islands beaches are direct opposite of Fort Myers Beach. Fort Myers beach is a great beach crammed with beach bars, T-Shirt shops, fast food restaurants, and such. The action never stops rain or shine. Sanibel & Captiva operate at a much slowly pace. Like an old fashion beach town, everyone knows everyone. Preferred mode of transportation is walking or bicycling, and there are no McDonalds here. They also have a few rules for the use of there beaches.

Pets on Sanibel Island must be leashed, and should be cleaned up after.

Captiva beaches do not allow pets. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited Nov through May.

No open fires and no live shells. Restrooms are located at all public accesses. Some have picnic tables, all have handicap parking.

Parking at Sanibel Island and Captiva public beaches cost $2.00.

There 4 types of beaches on Sanibel Island. They are A permit, B permit, C permit, and public. Sanibel public lots require a fee of $.2.00 per hour. Display the parking receipt on your dashboard after paying to avoid getting a ticket. When you see an A B beach sign means you must have an AB permit in order to park there.

A B Permit Beach Access

Sanibel Florida,com/ Beach Parking Permit There are 4 type of beach access points on Sanibel Island. They are A permit, B permit, C permit, and public. The following is a breakdown and review of each of the beaches.

An A permit parking sticker is only available to residents of Sanibel.

• There are some very small lots (3-& parking spots) throughout the island.• In general there beach lots run along West Gulf Drive,B Permit Beach Access• A B permit may be purchased from the Sanibel Police station.• This permit allows parking at the public lots without having to pay.

• Allow its owner to park at some other Sanibel beaches that are reserved only or A/B permits.

• The cost of this permit is $10.00 for non-resident property owner of $80.00 for all others.

C Permit Beach Access

• Cost is $80.00 or $2.00 / hour for Residents and non-Residents.

• Access to two public lots and the boat ramp.Public Beach Access• These are the parking access lots on Sanibel where anyone that wants to pay the $2.00/hour.

Free Beach Parking

• The only place to park for free is before you arrive on Sanibel, The Causeway parking is very nice if you want to save money
Sanibel Florida Beach Parking Permits There are 4 type of beach access points on Sanibel Island. They are A permit, B permit, C permit, and public. The following is a breakdown and review of each of the beaches.

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Sanibel Island Beach Access

Sanibel Island is known around the world for its premier shelling beaches.  The island's geography and Gulf tidal currents result in great quantities of shells washing up on the fine white sand.

Riding a bike or walking/running gives you access to Sanibel beaches that are difficult or impossible to reach by car.  Parking around some access points is limited to cars with special permit tags-- indicated by "restricted car parking" in the list below -- but cyclists can find bike racks at all of these access points. Even at the general public beach parking lots, cars will pay a $2hourly rate while cyclists park their bikes for free.

The general public beach access points (those without restricted parking) all have restrooms and water.

Click any listing below for more details.  Pagedown for interactive map.

Southwest Florida ( Stingray Season ) Shuffle......

Southwest Florida Shuffle

  • From the First of May until the end of October every year is Stingray season on the beaches of Southwest Florida.
  • The first thing most locals will tell you is to "Shuffle" your feet as you walk in the surf.
  • By shuffling your feet, you will scare off any stingrays before you have a chance to step on them.
  • It doesn't matter how big or small they are, if you step on them they will nail you with the barb in their tail out of defense.

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Capitiva Island Sister Island to Sanibel

Sister to larger Sanibel Island, is just over a small bridge which crosses at Turner Beach. Turner Beach is a great place for catching that prize fish and also finding the colorful shells that these islands are for famous for.

The beach stretches 5 miles to the northern tip of Captiva Island at Redfish Pass. Guess what fish is the target fish here?

From the bridge at Turner Beach, Captiva Drive is a scenic drive past giant cactus, colorful bougainvilleas and other tropical flora along the stretch of sea and sand ending at “downtown” Capitva, which is more of a village than a town.

It’s time for fun on Captiva Island. Enjoying the outdoors any time of the year. There are so many activities to choose from, fishing, golf, boating, kayaking, canoeing, tennis, swimming, bike riding.

Kayaking down the waterways and view a variety of wildlife such as dolphins, blue herons and the many species of birds. Wonderful memories for all times for everyone.

Your visit to Capitva Island is not complete without a sampling of fresh local seafood while overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. CAPTIVA

Turner Beach (Blind Pass)

Located on both the Sanibel and Captiva side of the Blind Pass Bridge, this beach is popular with shellers and fishermen.

Signs warn against swimming because of the swift currents. Located on Sanibel-Captiva Rd. at Blind Pass Bridge. No restrooms on the Sanibel side.

Captiva Beach

A great place to watch the sunset. There are no restroom facilities here and parking is very limited. Located at the end of Captiva Dr.

Try any of these Restaurants on the Islands
Bubble Room Restaurant - 15001 Captiva Drive Captiva Island, Fl 33924 *** 239-472-5558

Hungry Heron Sanibel Island - 2330 Palm Ridge Road Captiva Island, FL 33924 *** 239-395-4000

Keylime Bistro at Capitiva Island - 11509 Andy Rose Lane Captiva Island, FL 33924 *** 239-395-4000

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