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Here are questions and answers that fellow anglers with respond's to Anglers looking to get into The gut tighen, adrenalin rush shark fishing.

Do you have any suggestions for big spinning reels and poles. i dont mind spending a little money for good stuff. im looking to spend a couple hundred on a set. what do you recommend check out pawn shops I just got a 1000.00 set up for $380.00 for both big game rod and reel

im just gettin in to the big time shark stuff and was wonderin where on the leader you put the weight…how exactly would you rig the sand spyder to the wire leader…i have made many shark leaders before but not this heavy duty…just wonderin if you can make a diagram or somthin…thanks When i put a spider weight on my leader I will use a 3point swivell that has three points at which I can attach a line.

I used to use 40lb Powerpro, but i lost a lot of sharks. YOU CAN’T USE MONOFILAMENT ON A SPINNING REEL IF YOUR FISHING FOR SHARKS ON THE BEACH!! 50lb Powerpro minimum, with a 100-250lb Powerpro topshot. I’ve seen experienced guys use 30lb powerpro and they lose a lot of sharks! For a reel i recommend buying a Fin-Nor OFS9500 ($169.99)

For a rod I strongly recommend buying a Breakaway 13ft HDX, but thats $250, so if you want a good rod for cheap, i recommend buying a shakesphere uglystick or a tsunami.

One thing you gotta know is that cheap don’t work with big fish!!

never use J hooks, only use circle hooks. You will lose many nice fish on J’s. Don’t use mono on your leaders, unless your ready for a bite-off. Don’t use any swivel under 400lbs, Ball-Bearing swivels are the best! Sampo and spro are good brans to use. Always use either cable or single strand on your leaderts, for cable a minimum of 480lb is needed, anything under and they will bite through it. For single strand, use anything over a 100lb and double it up. For bait, barracuda is the best, but jacks, blue runners, ladyfish, bluefish, and other bloody fish are good bait.

When fighting the shark, let him take all the line he wants, especially if they are BT’s, because even if you have no drag and they jump, they can still blow out a 500lb swivel. I had a 500lb Ball-Bearing swivel blow out on my when a hooked into a big BT with no drag. Use light drag when they are jumping and tighten it up when the tug of war begins.

Never use your hands to take the hook out. I made that mistake and almost lost two fingers. I use 16inch pliers to take the hook out. Have one person hold the mouth open and the other use the pliers to take the hook out. If he swallowed it, then just cut the cable.

Use pyramid sinkers for your weights.

I recommend a 12/0 circle hook or bigger if your going for sharks bigger than 6 ft sharks like to twist when the are hooked and they can straighten the hook and the shark will be gone. for a reel i recommend a Penn 14/0 they are expensive but they are the best reel. They can hold 130lbs mono 750 yards, i recommend putting 80lb braided on there though because you could easily fit over 1500 yards of line. i recommend a penn international pole. A shark will tare most spinning reels to pieces, if you plane on shark fishing alot the buy a good penn or other conventional reel. I would recommend a reel that can hold a minimum of 80lb test with 750 yards. For bait i reccomend lady fish, yellowfin tuna, bonita, or any bloody fish, my favorite i bonito. you can catch bonito through a spinner in the surf. i have even caught sharks on fish fellets. i take the bait out on a kayak about 1000 yards out, my pole holds 1500+ line though, i recommend leaving 300 yards plus for the fish to run.

I put a 15 ft 480 steel cable and 15 ft 600lb mono leeder on a 18/0 circle hook and a 16 oz triangle wieght.

Once you get the shark in pull it to the beach by the tail, stay away from the head and take the hook out with plyers. walk it out to waist deep water and it will go on its way and no it will not turn around and bite your leg of. I fish for the big boys 8+ ft most of the information is on gear for that size fish, shark fishing is expensive and dont buy the cheepest things you find it will be ripped to pieces on your first 6 ft blacktip.

Good luck

I will say this - a Penn 113H is very castable with a 10 foot rod and at least a 6 oz. sinker. I picked up a 10 foot Ugly Stik - the 2-piece rod rated “Heavy” at 2 to 12 oz. You can get your 250 feet or better with this, and the 113H and 30 lb. mono as long as you have a feel for thumbing. I can’t imagine anyone trying to cast a 2 oz. sinker on this so I think Shakespeaere has its specs wrong on the low end - but 12 oz for sure. This and the the 113H seems to be a great combo. Has anyone tried casting the bigger Penn 114H?

Thanks for any response

Some lines work better than others in different spots. I use all PowerPro on every reel expect my 14/0, which is spooled with 400lb mono to fish the inlets in Florida. I find that if your fishing off the beach, braid is the best way to go. You will stay right on the fish and it cuts through much easier than mono. Actually i’ve done some equations and figured out that if you compare braided line to mono of equal strength on certain days, such as a fairly wavy day and are hooked up with a big shark, the mono will break much quicker than the braid. This is because of the bend in the line, if you include pressure and friction from the waves and get that right moment, your mono will exceed its limit and break, on the other hand your braid will just cut through the water and won’t be affected as much. The only thing that braid is not good with is fishing around heavy structure, it will fraid and break much quicker than mono.

If I was spooling your 113h, i would spool it all with 65lb PowerPro

Hey, im an ameture to Shark fishing. Ive managed to hook a few 3-4 foot blacktips while on vacation in tampa bay a few years ago and i fond it to be a real adrenaline rush. but thats really all the expeerience i have. I want to by a good rod and real combo for fishing for 3-5 footers off of a pier but i really dont have any idea of what im looking for. id like to spend $200-$250 idealy but if i have to spend a lil more for better quality thats fine too. Does anyone have any sugguestions for me? And also, what would be the best line and tackle for the caliber of shark im attempting to catch?

to start off i want you to know that im not the most experianced shark fisherman but i do have a ton of experiance saltwater fishing but i thought i would help you out because i hate it when nobody gives an answer on the website. i recently bought and recomend a shimano tekota 800 which bass pro shops sells for 189.99. i am using this reel for fishing off the surf so i have it on a 10ft offshore angler surf rod which goes for 129.99. for line i bought a 1200yd spool of offshore angler magibraid spectra fiber fishing line (134.99).

i bought the 80lb test which has a 25lb mono dia therefore i fit 530yds of line on the reel. for fishing off the pier for up to 6 footers this combo should do you well i realize this is more than you said you would like to spend but its a good combo that i feel is well worth it. get back to me and let me know what you think, hope it helps.

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