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Find your next RV camping destination on your camping survival smartphone-apps on your Android, IPhone , tablet or laptop...

Camping-survival recommended Smartphone apps have made mobile living easier than ever.

There are  apps that can guide your way, whether you’re looking to find the nearest national park or the closest Walmart parking lot to stay overnight. You’re bound to find use of one of these apps on your camping-boondocking!

The are NUMEROUS helpful apps - here are a few.

Check out this list for the best camping survival apps that will make your next road trip smooth and simple.

Camping-survival , We use a lot of smartphone apps on a daily basis – from productivity tools for running our business from everywhere, to photo processing, to social networking, and even the occasional game.

There still does not seem to be one single app that finds all campgrounds – but there are some very useful resources out there. We find ourselves using a combination of apps depending on the situation and type of camping or overnight parking we’re looking for.

My Personal Top 5 Camping Survival Apps

1. Google Maps: This is the go to  #1 app 

It’s very likely you already have this camping-survival app on all of your phones and tablets, but if not, be sure you have it before your next trip.

You’ll be able to plan your entire route including stop overs and be alerted of things like traffic delays and road construction.

You can also use the app to search for places like parks and restaurants anywhere along your route and add them into your itinerary.

With Google Maps you can view street and satellite maps of the whole World. Not only this, but it can be used to plot routes, find local places of interest, socialize with people around you and 'walk' along roads with Google's Street View.


  • Maps supported in over 220 countries
  • Voice guided GPS
  • Live traffic conditions

 Free on Google Play  |  Free on iTunes

2.  Number two of must apps

This app is the ultimate camping-survival resource guide for finding not only campgrounds, but other RV services and overnight stops.

The number one camping survival app for iPhone, iPods, iPads and Android. From resorts to hike-in spots.

Amenities, maps, truck stops, rest areas, Wal-mart and casino parking, RV dealers, sporting goods stores and much more. Two modes: one uses GPS and maps that you can filter.

  • Important camping survival info, includes places that service RVs, dump stations, propane fills and service centers.
  • In addition, it has low clearance bridges marked, rest areas, road grades, construction alerts and tracks some of the basic state laws.
  • Updates are free for the life of the product, and they seem to regularly improve and add content.
  • They have other versions as well that provide subsets of their data, for instance if you want the list of Walmarts only, and offer an online subscription option.

Alternatives:  RVParky and RVParking both have free apps worthwhile having too.

3.  Forgot Me Nots 

Did we lower the antenna? Are the stabilizers still down?  Did we get chair back from the neighbor?  Can't say enough that smartphone apps and check list are definitely camping survival techniques. 

The RV Checklist app is meant to be used by anyone living Mobile Style so that whatever they come with, they leave with and make sure that they don’t forget anything that is meant to be remembered!

This camping-survival app is customizable and allows you to better prepare for trips and track your progress toward completing your list. Its very simple and intuitive to use. Don’t leave home without it.

Price: Free (Android), $0.99 (Apple)  Link to Google Play  Link to Apple Itunes

4.  Everyone needs a Buddy

Camping-survival, The GasBuddy on the Go! Now you can see what gas prices are around the country at a glance.

Going on a trip?  With the help of GasBuddies across North America reporting fuel prices at their local stations, we are able to find you the cheapest stations along your road-trip route!

Find the cheapest gas on the go – for free!

  • Locate gas stations near you and see their current gas prices.
  • For every gas price reported, you’ll earn points towards our prize give-away.
  • GasBuddy is a community of users working together to update gas prices.
  • Cost: Free   Google Play   Apple Itunes Store

5.  Camping survival Gee, there's nothing to do.

With the Goby app, its all about never having to say “There is nothing to do”.

The app brings you fun and interesting things to do regardless of your location and can be personalized to your unique interests. I From hiking trails to jazz shows, children’s museums to yoga studios, from surf spots to Cafe/Pubs, goby’s got something for everyone.

Here’s how it works: You download the app and give Goby permission to access your location and Facebook account.  The latest version of the free app then sets up your personal feed, based on your interests culled from your Facebook account.

You, of course, also have the option to manually select your interests instead of using Facebook.

Cost: Free     Google Play   Apple Itunes