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America's Riviera 






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Beautiful people line the white-sand beach and clear-blue Atlantic ocean water.

The beach is a melting-pot of European jet-setters, latin-flavors and snowbirds eagerly applying SPF to prevent third-degree burns.

You will see an extremely diverse crowd at SOBE.

Everyone there cares about style and goes to Ocean Drive to show off their new body/car/outfit.

The best thing to do there is people watch.

You'll see all walks of life going down the street from beautiful blonde in a thong roller blading, to homeless dude, to gang boy trying to act tough, to Silvester Stallone.

You can grab a frozen drink from Wet Willie's and walk with it out to the beach.

Then you can play in the warm water, any time of year, wading in the waist deep practically flat surf while throwing around a frisbee and sipping that drink.

Rent some jet ski's and ride around star island or Biscayne Bay.

Play sand volleyball with locals, go parasailing, or visit some historic places

Cheap Eats In South Beach

Cheap Eats In South Beach, you can eat well for very little money if you know where to go.

If you're on a budget, try La Sandwicherie on 14th St.. They have fabulous sandwiches on a baguette. I like the ham and cheeese with everything, including cornichons (mini pickles).

A few steps further up 14th Street is San Loco Tacqueria. Great homemade Mexican food to go.

Cheeseburger Baby on 1505 Washington Street has a great burger and fries.

If you're not on a budget, the views at Smith and Wollensky at the south end of South Beach are gorgeous and the steak melts in your mouth.

The restaurants on Ocean Drive have their charms if you like to people watch, but honestly I think most of them are overpriced - especially the drinks. For a nice meal, I'd recommend Grillfish at Espanola Way and Collins for something more casual.

I discovered Thai House at 1137 Washington St. on my first visit and loved it. Turns out that Rachel Ray does too

 Hosteria Romano on Espanola Way in the pedestrian area(between Washington and Euclid) has great Italian, and I have never been disappointed in any of the restaurants on Lincoln Road.

Our personal favorites are Cafe Papillon and Santo. 

Many of the restaurants do have hosts and hostesses outside 'touting' their restaurants, and if you have never been out of America, it may seem odd, but South Beach has many European visitors and this is standard practice in Europe

South Beach Miami Night Clubs

The big clubs at night are expensive for sure. Most are a $20 cover with overpriced drinks. But you can just as easily walk down Washington and go to the $5 cover places and hear fun music while dancing on top a fish tank. It has everything you just need to do it right

Wet Willie's serves great tasting frozen daiquiris, with generous portions of alcohol, at fair prices. The bar is located on Ocean Drive in South Beach. All I can say is "call a cab". This place is epic! If your ever in Miami check it out! It's the perfect place for South Beach!

If you could pour Miami Beach into a plastic cup, it would be a Call a Cab at Wet Willie's. Bright red, smooth, delicious and utterly dangerous.

It was slightly intimidating walking in, given the armed cops sitting at the door - guess the place gets a little rowdy....

We headed upstairs and chatted with the super-friendly bartender (who says service is dead in Mia??), who let us try little tastes of the dozens of cleverly-named flavors.

My beverage of choice was a creamsicle - a mouthwatering mix of mango and pina colada. Yummmmmmm.

Not sure I'd spend much time inside the bar itself - the crowd was a little on the sketchy side, but hell, who needs to hang out?

Just grab your drink and head to the beach.

That's what makes this place so special.

Some of the boys went with pina coladas mixed with call a cab - but that's just asking for trouble.

Call a cab involves 151 

I'm not getting near that, at least not in the daytime.

The large bevvie is $10, and I was found that surprisingly reasonable.

I was expecting $15, $20 maybe.

We picked up our plastic and headed to the beach. Definitely worth parking your towel near here, so you can sip these frozen dreams in the bright Miami sunshine. Heaven! 

South Beach Miami "A list" Night Clubs

The South Beach Miami nightlife is the place to be, the A list night clubs are famous for being very hard to get into with their celebrity filled VIP rooms and world famous DJs playing all the right beats.

South Beach has all kinds of night clubs from big multi level clubs to small intimate night clubs and lounges.

The key to the South Beach nightlife scene is knowing which clubs have the best parties that are suited to your specific tastes for the nights of the week you will be in town.

Each night of the week South Beach has hot A list celebrity night club parties that are the place to be for that night.

The South Beach club world changes constantly what is hot this month may not be the hot spot next month.

South Beach clubs rely on night club promoters to attract the hipster crowd and each night of the week the best promoters are throwing the A list party at one of South Beach best night clubs.

VIP South Beach will make sure you are at that A list night club party suited to your tastes with no waiting.

South Beach Night Clubs Clubs are listed in alphabetical order

B.E.D Sexy nightclub trendy spot to lounge and dance including a multitude of mattresses and big luscious pillows. B.E.D which stands for Beverage Entertainment Address: 929 Washington Ave. 

Buck 15  NO COVER | NO VELVET ROPES | NO COVER  Fans can get back to the affordable drinks, lack of cover charge, and crash pad decor that made it a favorite in the first place. 

The street address is 437 Lincoln Lane. And it's "just two blocks from where we used to be," says owner Carlos Yip, "right behind the New World Center's park."

The most underground bar and lounge to ever hit a second-floor loft space.... Chris Rod, DJs and Nightclubs South Florida, Jolyse Stultz and 4 others like this. ... JOIN US TONIGHT @Buck15 2-4-1 DRINKS & 2X1 HOOKAHs WE WELCOME AN DMC CHAMPS DJ ROB RIGGS!!!

address: 707 Lincoln Rd.Cameo renowned night club located at the historic Cameo Theater. Has been newly renovated with a big dance floor. Has a mezzanine VIP area and hosts live concert events.

Address: 1445 Washington Ave. Club 01Newly redesigned with seductive burgundy and a caramel colored ceiling. Huge leather chairs Beautiful champagne bar with gemstone chandeliers. Intimate dance floor. Address: 1 Ocean Drive About  

Address: 1532 Washington Ave. Florida Room Rock star Lenny Kravitz's designed this hip Jazz aged era style lounge. As you walk in passing a luxurious grand piano and beautiful chandeliers.

Address: 1685 Collins Ave. Klutch Smac entertainments club with Vibrant colors 26,000 square foot scenic nightclub. Large dance floor with many VIP nooks. Address: 135 Collins Ave. 

Address: 2325 Collins Ave.  Liv LIV  is the Fontainebleau Hotels new South Beach night club. One of South Beaches grandest nightclubs with a luxurious layout and pulsating sound and upscale hideaway.

Address: 1235 Washington Ave. Mokia Intimate cutting edge club with a hip fashionable decor with protracted bars.

Address: 235 23rd St.Mynt South Beach custom-designed ultra lounge with illuminating green lighting. Filled with VIP tables areas. DJs for around the world in this ultra modern hideaway.

Address: 1921 Collins Ave. Nikki Beach Club Hip San Tropez style indoor outdoor night club and beach club. Located in South Beaches Art Deco District. Complete with Indian tee pees, cabanas and hammocks.

Address: 5729 Seminole Way Hollywood at The Hard Rock Hotel Plunge LoungeRooftop lounge with 26,000 square feet. Cabanas and beautiful views of South Beach.

Address: 1901 Collins Ave Shore Club Hotel Miami Beach Skybar at Shore Club, is about hanging out, taking it in and making the scene. Each week features something new with cocktails, DJs and featured guests.

Beautiful Moroccan styled indoor outdoor pool lounge at the Shore Club Hotel. Like all Ian Schrager hot spots the decor is exceptional. With the beach breeze and specialty drinks.

Set Exclusive lounge with sensational style including a glass fire place and grand bar reminiscent of the swing era. Many VIP areas and a upstairs mezzanine with leather chairs and vibrant dance floor.

The 15 Best Club Nights in Miami - Thrillist  Miami's 9 Hottest New Happy Hours ... but this one is a decidedly cool addition decked out in Studio 54 swag. ... In true Miami fashion, you can end the night at a strip clubClub Madonna is just a .... WallLounge at the W Hotel .... A subterraneous lounge with a retro, '70s kitch vibe, Rec Room is one of the ...